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Contributing game development material (prototypes, artwork, design documents, etc)

If you are currently in possession of any development material/information, please contact us. You have the option of remaining anonymous.

We currently possess equipment capable of handling (but not limited to) the following media:

  • Sega Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges and EPROMs
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges and EPROMs
  • Sega CD discs
  • Sega Saturn discs
  • Sega Dreamcast GD-ROM discs, GD-R discs and Development Kits
  • PlayStation discs
  • PlayStation 2 discs
  • PlayStation 3 discs
  • Turbografx 16 discs
  • 3DO discs
  • Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color cartridges
  • Xbox discs
  • Xbox 360 discs
  • Miscellaneous 16-bit/32-bit EPROMs
  • Miscellaneous CD/DVD media

(Note: This list is just an approximation of what we might be able to do for you. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us).

We are ready to accept any storage conditions and sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We do not publish any contributed material without express permission of the contributor.

If you wish to make a contribution, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you.

Contributing articles

If you are interested in contributing material (either for existing articles or for providing your own) please feel free to register an account with us and start editing.

Though we strive to provide accurate information, mistakes happen. If you have any corrections or feedback, please feel free to correct them, or if you prefer, contact us. You can also get involved, e.g. by posting screenshots or taking part in forum discussion.

Discussion about video game preservation

If you are simply interested in discussing the topic of digital preservation for video games and other media, as well as providing discussion on other miscellaneous topics, feel free to register on our message board or chat with us on IRC.