Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Turbo prototype)

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Title Screen
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Turbo prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by The Boss
Released by The Boss
File release date June 2, 1994
Lot Old Scene (BBS)
Game Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Fighting
Release date JP Sep 28, 1993
US Sep 27, 1993
EU Oct 29, 1993
Release date Unreleased
Download Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (Turbo prototype) (info)
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A modified prototype of the unreleased Street Fighter II: Champion Edition port for the Sega Mega Drive.


  • This may have been one of the final builds of this port before it was cancelled by Capcom.
  • Many parts of previous builds seem to have been modified in a clean manner. This suggests that the person(s) that modified this build had access to the source code to do these changes, as most bootleg hacks are much more rough around the edges.
  • Despite being titled "Street Fighter II Turbo", the only feature borrowed from the Turbo version of Street Fighter II are the alternate skins/costumes palettes.
  • The Differences from this and the July 30th build of of Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition are:
    • There is no Capcom screen, only a broken Sega screen is present. The Capcom logo jingle is still present in the rom.
    • The title screen does not have the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition logo or copyright info. In it's place is a logo that says "STII ' Turbo" and no informational text.
    • The sound test shows the internal sound ID instead of the number of it's location in the sound test. EX:
    • This build removes the infamous "black bar" present in the July 30 build. In It's place are two less noticeable black bars, with the lower bar being partially transparent at times.
    • More Sound Effects and PCM samples are used in gameplay than in the July 30 build. Some of these Sound Effects are unused in the builds preceding.
    • The PCM samples used for music are of a much better quality than the ones used in the preceding builds.
    • No endings are present. When you beat the game, only a rough "Cast of Characters" screen with no text will appear, and then a "Congratulations" screen will appear before the game resets.
    • It uses the Turbo palettes for the alternate skins/costumes for the characters.
  • When using a 3-button controller a feature is enabled in the HUD for indicating whether the player is using punches or kicks using the letters 'P' or 'K', that can be swapped pressing Start. This control scheme is similar on all the versions but the released Special Champion Edition lacks any HUD indicator and the Champion Edition prototypes use a red square and a white circle instead.


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