Tetris (Jun 14, 1989 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tetris (Jun 14, 1989 prototype)
Build date Jun 14, 1989
Build name Sample
Dump status Released
Dumped by togemet2
Released by Forest of Illusion
File release date Jun 2, 2018
Origin EPROM cartridge
Lot Tetris, Wordtris
EPROMs MBM27C256-20 8740 R26 HA
Dump method GB Cart Flasher REV C
Ownership togemet2
Game Tetris
System Game Boy
Genre Puzzle
Release date JP Jun 14, 1989
US Jul 31, 1989
EU Sep 28, 1990
Download Tetris (Jun 14, 1989 prototype) (info)
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A final-build version 1.0 development cartridge for Tetris.


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