Astro Chase (Oct 25, 1983 prototype)

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Title Screen
Astro Chase (Oct 25, 1983 prototype)
Dump status Released
Released by Tempest
File release date February 15, 2022
Origin Cartridge
Labels Astro Chase
Rev 1.5
Game Astro Chase
System Atari 2600
Release date Unreleased
Download Astro Chase (Oct 25, 1983 prototype) (info)
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An unreleased port of Astro Chase for the Atari 2600.


  • Close to, if not final.
  • Developed by First Star Software, was to be published by Parker Brothers.
  • It's cancellation was officially announced in the April 1984 edition of Video Games Player, roughly 6 months out from the date on this prototype.


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