Barbie Super Model (Jun 30, 1993 prototype)

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Title Screen
Barbie Super Model (Jun 30, 1993 prototype)
Build date Jun 30, 1993
Build name BAGE0630
Dump status Released
Dumped by Nintendo Player
Released by Nintendo Player
Origin EPROM cartridge
EPROMs 4x EPROMs 8MEGA 4EP-ROM M5 171-5694-01
Labels BARBIE: SUPER Model BAGE 0630.ZIP
Dump method Retrode
Ownership Christine VanHammond (1993-2014), Nintendo Player (2014-Present)
Game Barbie Super Model
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Adventure
Release date US 1993
Download Barbie Super Model (Jun 30, 1993 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Barbie Super Model for the Sega Mega Drive.


  • The comment section in the ROM header reads "MileStone 1".
  • The title screen is different and lacks animation.
  • The Hi Tech logo lacks additional copyright information.