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|file=Comos Chaos.zip
|file=Comos Chaos.zip
This is a Prototype cartridge of the game Cosmos Chaos.
A Prototype of Cosmos Chaos ! for the Nintendo DS.
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<gallery mode=nolines widths=240 heights=180>

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Title Screen
Cosmos Chaos (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Voodooween
Released by Voodooween
Labels Cosmos Chaos ! 112
Files B6CEMH_00.nds
Dump method x_Decrypt9WIP
Ownership Voodooween
Game Cosmos Chaos
System Nintendo DS
Genre Edutainment
Release date US Aug 31, 2010
Download Cosmos Chaos (prototype) (info)

A Prototype of Cosmos Chaos ! for the Nintendo DS.