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|filereleasedate=January 21, 2022
|filereleasedate=January 21, 2022
|game=de Blob
|game=de Blob

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Title Screen
De Blob (October 30, 2008 Nintendo DS Prototype)
Build date Oct 30, 2008
Build name main-107387.2855
Dump status Released
Released by Gaming AlexandriaRebelTaxi
File release date January 21, 2022
Game de Blob
System Nintendo DS
Release date Unreleased
Download De Blob (October 30, 2008 Nintendo DS Prototype) from external mirror

A build of the unreleased de Blob for Nintendo DS. This build is extremely close to what would have been the end of the project, built only a few weeks before Helixe closed down.


  • Contains every level, but some are more polished than others.
  • Pressing in the empty space below the continue button on the main menu allows you to access a debug level select and cutscene viewer.


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