Dr. Mario 64 (Oct 29, 2002 JP prototype)

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Dr. Mario 64 (Oct 29, 2002 JP prototype)
Build date Oct 29, 2002
Dumped by Zammis Clark
Released by Anonymous
File release date July 25, 2020
Origin 2018 Nintendo data breach
Lot 2018 Nintendo data breach
Files bbgames.7z/bbgames.tar/d1/routefree/bbgames/depot/dm64
Game Dr. Mario 64
System Nintendo 64
Genre Puzzle
Release date NA Apr 9, 2001
CHN Nov 18, 2003

A prototype of Dr. Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.


  • Compiled from leaked source code;
  • At least the game Menu is very fast, this Build may not have been compiled correctly or it may simply be broken.

Warning: Do not link to this build; It is a first party Nintendo prototype, and furthermore it was obtained via illegal means.