Duke Nukem Forever (Oct 26, 2001 prototype)

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Duke Nukem Forever (Oct 26, 2001 prototype)
Dump status Released
Released by x0r_jmp
File release date May 9th, 2022
Origin Build
Game Duke Nukem Forever
System PC
Genre First Person Shooter
Release date Unreleased

A prototype build for a scrapped version of Duke Nukem Forever, released anonymously on the site 4chan.


  • 2001 in this case refers to the era of development as opposed to a proper build name, as the dates were scrubbed clean before being leaked.
  • Included with this release is the game's editor(CannibalEd.exe and DukeEd.exe), source code and some optional stability patches. A separate download containing a press kit was also released.
  • This build is in a very unfinished state. Much of the first level is completable, albeit it with cheats needed as there is a point where the game spawns you inside of an object.
    • Many of the maps beyond that point seem to lack much in the way of objects or events. There is a functional Multiplayer component, however the AI for bots appears to be nonexistent.
  • The Console can be opened with Tab or F12. Cheats are largely the same as unreal/unreal Tournament 1999. For example, typing in "ghost" will enable noclip, and typing in "allammo" gives you all of the basic weaponry.


Duke Nukem Forever 2001 release notes.png