ECW Hardcore Revolution (Oct 15, 1999 prototype)

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Title Screen
ECW Hardcore Revolution (Oct 15, 1999 prototype)
Build date Oct 15, 1999 15:49:49
Dump status Released
Dumped by GamingLegend64
Released by Forest of Illusion
File release date Dec 2, 2022
Origin CD-R
Game ECW Hardcore Revolution
System PlayStation
Genre Fighting
Final build EU Feb 2, 2000
US Jan 13, 2000
Release date EU Feb 17, 2000
US Mar 3, 2000
Download ECW Hardcore Revolution (Oct 15, 1999 prototype) (info)
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Download ECW Hardcore Revolution (Oct 15, 1999 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of ECW Hardcore Revolution for the Sony PlayStation, pre-dates the games release by 4 Months.



  • File dates are fake and are set to April 30, 1999.
  • Disc mastering date is set to May 1, 1999.
  • The build date inside the ELF is Oct 15 1999 15:49:49; the build additionally has text for a commemoration of Owen James Hart, who died on May 23, 1999; therefore the file dates are wrong and the on-disc date is right.

Features (IN PROGRESS)

  • This build features many assets from WWF Attitude, including the intro movie, utility menu, cheat menu, commentary, match types, game modes, career mode aspects, arena creation aspects, models, voices and some themes.
  • The Main Menu features "King of the Ring" instead of Tournament
    Prototype Main Menu.png
  • The Utility Menu is very buggy and incomplete, most of the options affect other options.
    • Save Options functions as intended
    • Difficulty somewhat functions, selecting hard defaults to medium
    • Intros affects the difficulty setting
    • Recovery affects the Intros setting
    • Stereo affects the Recovery setting
    • FX affects the Stereo setting, Medium FX = Error, High FX = Blank
    • Music affects the FX setting
    • Language softlocks the game
    • Name Meter affects the Language setting
    • Damage Meter softlocks the game
    • Tieup Meter affects the Damage Meter setting
    • Health Meter affects the Tieup Meter setting
    • Blood affects the Health Meter setting
    • Nothing affects the blood setting so its always disabled
  • Every ECW Wrestler in this build has the same moveset and uses the Stone Cold Stunner for a finisher.
  • The Voices present in the game for Intros are reused from WWF Attitude and not every character has a voice.
  • Some WWF Themes from Attitude are present in this build but can only ne heard in the Personality section in Create-A-Wrestler as entrances are not present in this build, the custom themes from Attitude are also present.
    • B Alfonso has Stone Colds theme
    • Taz has the D-Generation X theme
    • J Victory has the Nation of Domination theme
    • Wild Bill has the New Age Outlaws theme with no voices
  • The Cut Character Vito "The Skull" LoGrasso is selectable in this build but his model is Val Venis' from WWF Attitude.
  • Joey Styles and Spanish Angel are not selectable in this build.
  • Only 26/42 Selectable ECW Wrestlers have their proper models, the others reuse models from WWF Attitude.
    • Big Sal uses Chyna's model
    • Francine uses Triple H's model
    • Spike uses Mankind's model
    • Beulah uses Moshs model
    • Raven uses The Rocks model
    • Rhino uses Sables model
    • Tommy Rich uses Sgt Slaughters model
    • Roadkill uses Shawn Michaels model
    • RVD uses Al Snow's model
    • Sabu uses Taka Michinoku's model
    • The Sheik uses The Undertakers model
    • Skull uses Val Venis' model
    • Smothers, Louie, Tajiri and Taz all use X-Pac's model
  • Only 7/41 Selectable Jobbers have WWF Attitude models, the other 34 use Bill Alfonso's model
    • Bruzzesse uses Road Dogg's model
    • Buffone uses Big Sal's model
    • Santoro uses Ken Shamrocks model
    • Sound Guy uses Thrashers model
    • H Slash uses X-Pac's model
    • A Master uses Big Bossmans model
    • Nurse uses Paul Bearers model
  • The Original Sheiks menu portrait is different, it is a picture of his nephew Sabu dressed like him.


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