Fantasy Star Soldier (Localization prototype)

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Title Screen
Fantasy Star Soldier (Localization prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Squaresoft74
Released by Squaresoft74
Origin CD
Game Fantasy Star Soldier
System TurboGrafx-CD
Genre Shoot 'em up
Release date JP Apr 24, 1992
US unreleased
Download Fantasy Star Soldier (Localization prototype) (info)
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An US localization of Star Parodier that sadly went unreleased due to the closure of TTi.


The title screen was redone to accommodate the new name, and all text was translated, though this really only changes the speed settings, and a few graphics. The opening cutscene was completely removed, and Voice acting, save for a few grunts from the enemies, has been removed as well. Beyond that, the game seems to have been completed.