In the Groove 2 (Aug 30, 2005 Prototype)

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Title Screen
In the Groove 2 (Aug 30, 2005 Prototype)
Build date Aug 30, 2005 18:50:20
Dump status Released
Released by Rynker
Game In the Groove 2
System PlayStation 2
Release date Unreleased


Released in 2008 on youtube, the file was hosted on which later became, the download sadly seeming to be lost. The original iso was named ITG2ps2_itg1-3_test.iso and was 804.38 MB (843,448,320 Bytes) it was hosted on mediafire but has since been lost. This ISO appears to be larger but appears unedited. The game was unreleased due to Konami filing a lawsuit but the game came out in arcades.