Killer7 (Jun 3, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
Killer7 (Jun 3, 2005 prototype)
Build date Jun 3, 2005 14:28:35
Dump status Released
Dumped by Super David
Released by Victor Sokolov
Origin Disc image
Game Killer7
System Nintendo GameCube
Genre Action-adventure, rail shooter
Release date JP June 9, 2005
EU July 15, 2005
US July 7, 2005
Download Killer7 (Jun 3, 2005 prototype) (info)
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A late Japanese debugging prototype of Killer7 for the Nintendo GameCube.


K7disk1d (GK7J08) (Jun 3, 2005 debug build) 1.png K7disk1d (GK7J08) (Jun 3, 2005 debug build) 2.png K7disk1d (GK7J08) (Jun 3, 2005 debug build) 3.png



sal4 - for testing on real hardware.

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