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Gsdx_20200529160312.png|Main Menu
Gsdx_20200529160312.png|Main Menu
Gsdx_20200524024903.png|Unused Tournament Mode
Gsdx_20200524024903.png|Unused Tournament Mode
Gsdx_20200524024706.png|Painting A Car
Gsdx_20200524024706.png|Paint Menu
Gsdx_20200506222326.png|Car Select
Gsdx_20200506222326.png|Car Select
Gsdx_20200524030439.png|In Game
Gsdx_20200524030656.png|The Removed Starting Grid Showing All The Racers Names And Cars Models
Gsdx_20200524030656.png|Removed starting grid
Gsdx_20200524030721.png|200px|thumb|Debug Menu
Gsdx_20200524030721.png|200px|thumb|Debug Menu

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Title Screen
Need for Speed Underground (Sep 2, 2003 prototype)
Build date Sep 5, 2003 10:35:28
Build name Preview
Dump status Released
Released by ElApagaLuces
File release date March 23, 2020
Origin DVD-R
Game Need for Speed Underground
System PlayStation 2
Genre Racing
Final build JP Oct 29, 2003
EU Oct 16, 2003
US Oct 14, 2003
Release date JP Dec 25, 2003
US Nov 17, 2003
EU Nov 21, 2003
Download Need for Speed Underground (Sep 2, 2003 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Need for Speed Underground for the Sony PlayStation 2.


  • Press R2 on the car selection screen to unlock all cars.
  • Press Select on any locked part from the customize car menu to unlock all of them.
  • Press Select to skip any event during Underground Mode.
  • Time Trial events on Underground Mode crashes the game, press Select to skip them.
  • To use the debug menu, pause the game during a race and select DEBUG from the options menu.


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