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The Flintstones (Nov 5, 1992 prototype).2019-09-17 22.59.41.png
The Flintstones (Prototype).2019-12-22 12.35.47.png

The Flintstones (Ocean) (Prototype)
The Flintstones (Nov 5, 1992 prototype)
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Hello again everyone! Today we have two prototypes based on the Sega Mega Drive Flintstones games.

First we have a prototype of the Taito game that was released in 1993. This is a fairly late prototype but still contains a few differences throughout the game. What can you find?

Secondly we have a prototype of the much sought after unreleased game developed by Ocean that was based on the live action film. The commercial release of this game ended up being canceled for unknown reasons but saw a very limited release on Sega Channel starting January of 1996. The game makes great use of the Mega Drive's limited color palette and features a very distinct art style. This prototype was sourced from an EPROM cartridge. Unfortunately, this prototype is that of a much earlier build of the game that lacks sound. The prototype only seems to feature two playable stages. However, the version released on Sega Channel featured much more content than what can be seen in this prototype. A few years a go, a backup CD containing assets for Sega Channel was dumped and features some source files that were used up until January of 1996. While the backup CD did not include any ROMs, it did include some supporting documents for the games that had been released up until that time. Thankfully, a game guide is present and you can read it down below:

Flintstones Ocean Flintstones Game Description Not everyone is "falling" for Cliff Vanderclave...who has kidnapped Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm! As Fred, you'll rescue them. But wait, Cliff has Barney, Betty, Wilma and Dino too! To successfully rescue everyone, you'll explore every nook and crevice of Bedrock and the surrounding Jungle. Visit a real active volcano! Wrestle hungry dinosaurs. Eat Brontosaurus Burgers. Navigate the Machine... So put on your saber tooth, take off your shoes, and be your favorite Stone Age stooge in the rockinest adventure this side of Jurassic Park! Flintstones Controller Functions Move: Press the D-Pad Left or Right. Duck: Press the D-Pad Down. Jump: Press the B Button. To grab onto ledges, continue holding the B Button and release the arrowpad before reaching the cliff. Bowl: Press the D-Pad Up and press the C Button. Throw Stones: Press the C Button. The longer you press the button, the farther you throw. Club: Press the A Button. Pause: Press the Start Button. Volcanic Level In this level Fred will need to use boulders to stay above the moving lava. To do this, press the D-Pad Left or Right. Machine Level In this level Fred will need to use a rotating platform to continue past the tracks. Fred will also have all sorts of switches he will be required to use to continue past the tricky track. To move the platform, press the D-Pad in the direction you wish to go before reaching an intersection. To use a switch, simply stand as you are passing it. To miss a switch, just duck. Flintstones Playing the Game Game Screen Score: Here's how you're doing so far! Time Remaining: Gotta keep rockin'! There's only a limited amount of time. Fred's Head: This displays how much energy you have remaining. Each time you get hit Fred's face will change expressions. Take three hits and you lose a life. When you start again, you will start with maximum energy. Lives Remaining: (The number just to the right of Fred's head) This is how many more lives you have...use them wisely! Bowling Balls: Displays how many bowling balls you currently have. Stones: Displays how many stones you currently have. Power-Ups Club: Use it in close combat, or to smash rocks for bonuses. Fred always has his club with him. Stones: Used to hit enemies you can't get close to. You can pick up a stone you've already used and use it again, but you can only carry a limited number of stones. Bowling Balls: Line up your enemies and bowl 'em down! You can pick up a bowling ball you've already used and use it again, but you can only carry a limited number of them. Gems, Trophies & Coins: Earn bonus points for finding the goodies! Fred's Head: Don't laugh! This earns you an extra life, or boosts your energy to "Well." Flintstones Zones Zones: The Quarry: Avoid the rolling boulders, don't mess with the jumping frogs, and club all the uncivilized cavemen! Keep climbing higher, and eventually you'll trip the secret steps. Find the Big Caveman and you'll get a glimpse of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm...keep searching! Bedrock: Off to the Cradle of Civilization! You're at the wheel, keeping Bamm-Bamm bouncing on the roof of his car. Press the D-Pad Down to scroll down and look at Fred's car, then press the D-Pad to move his car. The Jungle: Show these Gorillas the business end of your club...and go bowling for warthogs! Watch out for the hidden Jungle traps as you work your way to a real battle with a saber-toothed tiger! The Volcano: Come on in, the lava's fine! Duck before you get scorched by the Volcano's molten core...and narrowly escape the rising lava. Cowabunga-you can ride the lava wave to safety! The Machine: Cliff has wife-napped Wilma. Nobody wife-naps Wilma! Climb on conveyor belts, rising platforms and massive gears. Avoid the threatening buzzsaws, giant stone blades...and give Cliff what he deserves-a great big piece of rock...right in the gut!

Despite the limited amount of content in this prototype, it's possible that more content is present but only accessible through hacking or cheat codes. The game does support a password system, so the other stages might be playable through a specific password.

Thank you for tuning in so far. We have on more release to cap off the end of the holiday season tomorrow. This release will have a stream as well, so stay tuned on our Twitter feed for when the stream goes live.

Until next time...Yabba Dabba Doo!