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|genre=Tower Defense
|genre=Tower Defense
|release_date={{RegionDate|AU|Apr 28, 2010}} {{RegionDate|US|May 5, 2009}} {{RegionDate|EU|Feb 18, 20011}}
|release_date={{RegionDate|US|May 5, 2009}} {{RegionDate|AU|Apr 28, 2010}} {{RegionDate|EU|Feb 18, 2011}}

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Title Screen
Plants vs. Zombies (Dec 2, 2008 prototype)
Build date Dec 2, 2008
Dump status Released
Dumped by Nataliris
Released by Chemist with 2 shoes
Origin Gifted via original beta testers
Labels Plants vs. Zombies
Dump method MEGA
Ownership PopCap beta tester
Game Plants vs. Zombies
System PC
Genre Tower Defense
Release date US May 5, 2009
AU Apr 28, 2010
EU Feb 18, 2011
Download Plants vs. Zombies (Dec 2, 2008 prototype) (info)

An early prototype of Plants vs. Zombies for PC.


  • At this point in development, the game went by the earlier title Bloom & Doom.
  • As-is, the game will not function, as the game attempts to connect to a now defunct PopCap beta testing server. A patched executable is required to run the build.