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==See also==
[https://twitter.com/forestillusion/status/1328609083134517249 Forest of Illusion's original tweet.]
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Title Screen
Rocket: Robot on Wheels (Sep 29, 1999 build)
Build date September 29, 1999 17:23:00
Build name 0929.1723
Dump status Released
Dumped by AndrewEarley7
Released by Forest of Illusion
File release date November 17, 2020
Origin Developer cartridge
Labels ROCKET Robot on Wheels
(PAL on NTSC Cartridge)
Ownership AndrewEarley7 (2020-present)
Game Rocket: Robot on Wheels
System Nintendo 64
Genre Action, Platformer
Final build US September 20, 1999
EU September 29, 1999
Release date US October 31, 1999
EU December 17, 1999
Download Rocket: Robot on Wheels (Sep 29, 1999 build) (info)

A build of Rocket: Robot on Wheels for the Nintendo 64, built on the same day as the final build.


  • Debug enabled. Press the left trigger to open the debug menu.



See also

Forest of Illusion's original tweet.