Samurai Shodown (Oct 21, 1994 prototype)

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Title Screen
Samurai Shodown (Oct 21, 1994 prototype)
Build date Oct 21, 1994 07:07:03
Build name FunSys v0.1
Dump status Undumped
Origin CD-R
Labels Samurai Showdown Preview copy Only Nov. 1 '94
Ownership Hohle (2018-Present)
Game Samurai Shodown
System Sega CD
Genre Fighting
Final build US Jun 17, 1995

This prototype originally came from Paul, an admin on the Obscure Gamers bulletin board. This is a relatively early prototype.

There is no real title screen. Hitting any button during the attract mode takes the player to a difficulty select followed by a character selection with debug artifacts on the screen (frame count or duplicate character name). The CPU opponent is always the same as the character selected. Once defeated, the opponent remains the same.

There is no audio in the game and the disc does not contain any CDDA audio tracks.