Sandwarriors (Prototype)

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Download Sandwarriors (Prototype) (info)
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Sw 002.png

An early demo of Sandwarriors for the PC.


  • This build was included on the PC Collectors CD ROM #1, issue 5, November/December 1996.
  • Unlike the later 1997 demo, it contains files for six maps, and a range of levels based on these maps. Only the first two levels have enemies and objectives, and the others are often at an early stage of development.
  • In order to access the other maps/levels, the following command must be used: sw.exe /mission=XX
  • Where XX is a number of 1 or above. (Source for cheat: Mr Flibble at Beta Archive)
  • Odd numbers load night missions, while even numbers levels take place in the daytime.
  • This prototype also has a multiplayer option not present in the final game, but it does not seem to function.
  • Also of interest is a file called Horus.txt. This seems to relate to an earlier version from February 1996 when the game’s title was being changed to Horus to Sandwarriors.


Sw 000.png