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|titlescreen=SuperMonkeyBallDeluxe title proto.png
|game=Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
|game=Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
|system=PlayStation 2
|system=PlayStation 2

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Title Screen
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Dec 14, 2004 prototype)
Build date Dec 14, 2004
Dump status Released
Dumped by Speedyink
Released by Speedyink
Origin DVD-R
Game Super Monkey Ball Deluxe
System PlayStation 2
Genre Puzzle
Final build EU Jun 23, 2005
US Jan 18, 2005
Release date JP Mar 24, 2005
US Mar 15, 2005
EU Aug 26, 2005
Download Super Monkey Ball Deluxe (Dec 14, 2004 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the Sony PlayStation 2.


  • The title screen images are in lower quality.
  • Uses placeholder images for the loading screens.
  • The level select balls are a different color.
  • Performance is less optimized in comparison to the final version.
  • Message bubbles are incomplete.