The 3DO Update II

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The 3DO Update II
Status Released
Transferred by Okeijidragon
Released by Okeijidragon
File release date August 4, 2013
Media VHS tape
Labels The 3DO Update II
*A 3DO Experience
*Panasonic Sales Promo
*SCES Press Conference
*TV Coverage
Transfer method Through S-Video on Panasonic PV-S7670
Ownership Okeijidragon (January 2013-present)
System 3DO

The 3DO Update II was a promotional video tape given out by Panasonic to licensees and press members prior to the launch of the 3DO console in 1993.

Comes with high-resolution scans of the front and side labels of the cassette, and the original Licensee Letter that came with the video cassette.

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The 3DO Update II is split into four segments:

  • A 3DO Experience
  • Panasonic Sales Promo
  • SCES Press Conference
  • TV Coverage

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