Toki (prototype)

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Title Screen
Toki (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by CloudGamerX
Released by CloudGamerX
Origin Prototype cartridge
Labels 1=Toki,
2=Toki PRG 0F28,
3=Toki CHR 1 6B3D,
4=Toki CHR 2 6502
Dump method Kazoo INL ROM dumper
Ownership CloudGamerX (2017-present)
Game Toki
System NES
Genre Action
Release date JP Jul 19, 1991
US Dec, 1991
Download Toki (prototype) (info)

A prototype of Toki for the NES.


  • The cartridge had all pins intact while the final release didn't, due to being a late release.
  • The dumper bought this from a woman online who had bought the game from a video game store.


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