ATV3: Lawless (May 7, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
ATV3: Lawless (May 7, 2005 prototype)
Build date May 7, 2005
Dump status Released
Dumped by diddydonn
Released by diddydonn
Origin Developer Kit HDD
Game ATV3: Lawless
System Xbox
Genre Racing
Release date Unreleased
Download ATV3: Lawless (May 7, 2005 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of the unreleased ATV3: Lawless for the Microsoft Xbox, Developed or published by Acclaim.


  • Game shows up as "ATV3 Release" in the XDK Launcher and no debug info shows in xbWatson so this appears to be a test build not a development build.
  • Quick race and Multiplayer are the only Main Menu options that are unlocked, the rested are grayed out.
  • Multiplayer drops you right into a split screen race, so options or even checking if player 2's controller is plugged in do not show.
  • Quick race seems to work find though.
  • This build of the game was built with XDK 1.00.5849.01