Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (Feb 1, 2001 Debug)

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Title Screen
Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (Feb 1, 2001 Debug)
Build date Febuary 1 2001
Build name 02.01d-PRERELEASE
Dump status Released
Origin Cartidge
Labels THQ contact information
Game Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage
System Nintendo 64
Genre Role-playing Game
Download Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage (Feb 1, 2001 Debug) (info)

This is a Debug version of the game compiled on Febuary 1st 2001. It features a frame counter, faster splash screens, and several debug features.


Splash screens appear for only a few frames, and two have compile information on them


  • Start game: skip name entry and opening cinematic.
  • Intermediate game: As above, start in Erromon

During cutscenes:

  • B: skip
  • Start: Camera menu

Outside combat:

  • L+Start: Big debug menu
  • L+DpadL: load less map chunks
  • R+DpadR: mark map objects with intangible boulder
  • R+Start: Toggle debug message queue
  • Z+A+Start: smaller debug menu
  • C-UP: cycle performance statistics

Smaller Debug Menu:

  • Teleport: takes you to some select locations
  • Actor: changes player into guard or very fast chicken.
  • Combat: Shuffled battle encounter
  • Combat Arena Random Test: Above, but select the stage
  • Combat Arena Enemy Test: 1v1 an enemy in a selected stage

Big Debug Menu: Many functions are dummied out, except for those listed below:

  • All Game states: View and change every event flag
  • game state cheats: toggle the states for certain or all game objects.
  • Add Party Members: add a member to your party
  • clear everything out of Inventory: removes all items not equipped on party.
  • load only the inventory from a saved game: displays credits over gameplay instead.
  • toggle game settings: toggles switches, which do not seem to be implemented.
  • toggle monster attack: monsters will not initiate combat.
  • turn off everything but teleporters: disables all game objects that don't move player
  • Access database: menu with every item in game. pressing A adds that item to inventory.
  • hunt for reference objects: teleports the player every few seconds to each of the objects on the map. Enemies will not fight you while this happens.


Aidyn debug splash.png Aidyn debug crash.png Aidyn debug heap.png Aidyn debug menu big.png Aidyn debug menu small.png Aidyin debug main.png