Arx Fatalis (Jul 11, 2003 prototype)

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Title Screen
Arx Fatalis (Jul 11, 2003 prototype)
Build date Jul 11, 2003
Build name Alpha
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date March 31, 2019
Origin DVD-ROM
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Arx Fatalis
System Xbox
Genre Action role-playing game
Final build US Nov 12, 2003
Release date US Dec 23, 2003
EU Feb 13, 2004
Download Arx Fatalis (Jul 11, 2003 prototype) (info)
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A prototype/prerelease/alpha build of Arx Fatalis for the Xbox, from 2003-07-11 (about four months before the NTSC release build).


This build was extremely unstable on the XDK where it was tested:

  • Copying the game files to the XDK hard drive and executing from there is strongly recommended due to the extreme load times when playing from disc. If this recommendation is disregarded, the blank, bright green screen displayed for several minutes when playing from the disc is also "normal".
  • The game freezes shortly after obtaining the first spell. Load one of the save files included on the disc to progress past this.
  • The game may freeze immediately if a character is created using one of the non-default character faces.