Burnout Paradise (Nov 13, 2006 prototype)

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Title Screen
Burnout Paradise (Nov 13, 2006 prototype)
Build date Nov 13, 2006 18:15:00
Build name FranchiseBuild (B5_MAIN, Changelist#21320)
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by burninrubber0
File release date February 16, 2019
Origin Xbox 360 XDK
Files Burnout_X360_Artist.exe
Ownership burninrubber0 (2017-present)
Game Burnout Paradise
System Xbox 360
Genre Racing
Release date US Jan 22, 2008
EU Jan 25, 2008
AU Feb 7, 2008

An early prototype of Burnout Paradise, compiled at 18:15:00 on November 13, 2006.


  • No title screen. The game boots to a debug menu.
  • The game has a very low framerate in most situations.
  • Has Aftertouch and Impact Time from previous entries.
  • Almost all overworld textures are different (and lower-resolution?)




burninrubber0 - for purchasing the prototype.