Buzz! Junior: RoboJam (Jan 12, 2007 prototype)

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Title Screen
Buzz! Junior: RoboJam (Jan 12, 2007 prototype)
Build date Jan 12, 2007
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date January 4, 2020
Origin DVD-R
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Buzz! Junior: RoboJam
System PlayStation 2
Genre Action-Strategy
Final build EU Apr 13, 2007
US Sept 26, 2007
Release date EU May 25, 2007
US Mar 11, 2008
Download Buzz! Junior: RoboJam (Jan 12, 2007 prototype) (info)

A prototype/prerelease build of Buzz! Junior: RoboJam for the PlayStation 2 from 2007-01-12 (about three months before release).


Requires the Buzz! hardware, which is supported in PCSX2 1.7.0 and newer.

  • Different title screen that says "Robot Party" as if it was a beta version of the game that was developed.
  • The announcer "Sarge" has a different voice actor. Before being voiced by Philip Maurice Hayes in the US and Ewan Bailey in the UK.
  • In the "Choose Your Position" screen, switching from one Robot to another one too quickly will cause the game to crash.
  • The title screen has a Team Mode in the game but it ended up being scrapped.
  • The Options Menu on the title screen only has Screen options like Widescreen and Screen Alignment.
  • The screen goes black on the loading screen.
  • Every video file is a placeholder with early names for the mini-games.
  • This build has an unused mini-game in LEVELS00/GAME_006. Which is a reference to a fighting mini-game called "Robot Rumble".
  • OTHER/GAME_END goes unused in this build.
  • A Debug Options Menu can be brought up by pushing Start + Select on the DualShock 2 Controller.
  • The Debug Options Menu has a Level Select, a Cheats menu, a Globals menu, (It can tweak the game's settings) a Settings menu, (This can modify the mini-game's settings) and a Named Items Menu. (This has a bunch of stuff that can be displayed on the screen like the Logo, the Foreground Door, etc)
  • Animations can be played by selecting an item in the Named Items Menu. For example, BLUEROBOT. After you selected the item, go back and scroll down to the item you selected and press right and you can scroll up and down on the different animation slots. And press X to select one and you can view the animation.
  • The mini-game "Bug Blast" has some unfair AI and the announcer's voice changes to the voice used in Buzz! Junior Jungle Party when you try to shoot the alien that's peeking out of the hole.
  • The mini-game "Crazy Conveyor" has a rare glitch at the end where if you're in the lead and when someone is catching up, they might end up winning at the end. Or when some players made it to the end all at once but the last robot who makes it to the end wins.
  • The mini-game "Mad Mallets" wasn't Implemented in this build.
  • The mini-game "Go Nuts!" Has lasers in the course and it will stun you if you touch it.
  • The mini-game "Octo-Beat" has a different looking model for the Alien. There's also different music and the music doesn't change.
  • The mini-game "Nitro Racing" skips to the next mini-game or kicks you back to the main menu when you finish it.
  • The mini-game "Robot Teleport" has guns implemented in this build. If you pick one up, you can shoot the other players with the colored buttons to gain some more points. This was likely removed due to the fact that kids might do dangerous things. And to keep the rated E ESRB rating.
  • The mini-game "Cosmic Keepers" looks to be very unfinished. This mini-game only features a Goal, the Soccer Balls, the Platform that the Robots are standing on, and a Jungle Background.
  • A few mini-games have missing sound effects.
  • Many of the mini-games in this build look pretty complete and some look very unfinished.
  • Emulatable in PCSX2: Yes. Works on real hardware: Yes.




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