Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Jul 25, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Jul 25, 2000 prototype)
Build date Jul 25, 2000 18:37:36
Dump status Released, redump needed
File release date September 7, 2021
Game Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
System PlayStation
Final build US (Rev 0) Aug 19, 2000
US (Rev 1) Aug 29, 2000
EU Aug 29, 2000
JP Oct 12, 2000
Maximum Remix
US Apr 17, 2001
EU Apr 17, 2001
Release date US Sep 14, 2000
EU Oct 13, 2000
JP Feb 22, 2001
Maximum Remix
US May 21, 2001
EU Jun 8, 2001
Download Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (Jul 25, 2000 prototype) (info)
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An NTSC-U build of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for the Sony PlayStation.

Built 25 days before the first available final version for this serial number. [SLUS-01026]

This build is known to have travelled around the internet since at least 2005, but has fallen under people's radar. Saved and preserved back in 2007, this build was re-released on September 7, 2021. The origins of this build are currently unknown.


  • There are no FMV's in this build, therefore no movies play in the main menu after being idle either.
  • A crash handler is enabled by default in this build.
  • All levels and bikes are available in Freeride and Session mode from the start.
  • The riders in the selection menu have different photos, Shaun Butler, Troy McMurray and Tim Mirra have a placeholder image.
    • Tim Mirra's face is covered with a smiley in the style selection.
  • Choosing the "no sound" option in the sound menu crashes the game.
  • A set of beep sounds can be heard in-game when on-screen text appears and disappears.
  • Some challenge object highlights are different.
  • The stage select screen uses different level preview images, some depicting earlier versions of the levels.
    • Some of them are missing vertex lighting.
  • Two additional test camera options are available.
  • The game credit sequence has not been implemented yet.
  • Some levels are still unfinished.
    • In Vail Trail you can ride on top of the train without being hurt, also there is a section behind a fence where the floor still has collisions and you could be trapped there (the floor collisions were eliminated on the final build, probably to avoid this).
    • In Pier 10 water has collisions as any other floor so you can ride on it without drowning.
    • In Westward Cliffs there is a section where you can fall out of bounds, this has been fixed on the final build. Also you can't bounce on top of the lifeguard station.
    • Some levels have a different starting point.
  • The game may crash when falling out of bounds.



Special thanks to LedInfrared for the initial research and preservation of this rare gem!