Dead Space 3 (Aug 25, 2012 prototype)

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Title Screen
Dead Space 3 (Aug 25, 2012 prototype)
Build date Aug 25, 2012
Build name Pre-Alpha 3
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date April 29, 2019
Origin BD-R
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Dead Space 3
System PlayStation 3
Genre Survival horror
Final build US Dec 14, 2012
Release date US Feb 5, 2013
AU Feb 7, 2013
EU Feb 8, 2013

A pre-alpha, debug-build prototype of of Dead Space 3 for the PlayStation 3 from 2012-08-25 (about 4 months before the NTSC release build).


The entire game is present in some form, but the completeness/playability varies greatly.

The middle of the game (in the fleet of ghost ships and on the surface of the ice planet) is nearly complete, although a few puzzles (in particular, the "collect all of the cross-sections of the necromorph" puzzle on the planet) are non-functional and must be skipped by using the level-select feature in the debug menu.

The early and later chapters are mostly untextured geometry, but are generally functional with the exception of the final boss battle.

Numerous test/debugging levels are present in the map list. Additionally, it is possible to launch the E3 preview version of the game by selecting the E3 front-end instead of the standard front-end. The E3 version plays significantly differently than the equivalent section of the "normal" game which is also present in this pre-alpha build.

Beware that many entries in the map list are not actually present on the disc, and will cause the game to lock up (generally requiring a reboot of the console).

Accessing some of the debugging controls requires a second controller.

On Controller 1 or 2:

  • L2 + R2 + Start = Debug Menu

On Controller 2:

  • R3 = Toggle No-Clip Reposition Player Mode
  • L3 = Toggle Debug Camera/Normal Camera

In Debug Camera Mode:

  • Left Stick = Forward/Back, Strafe
  • Right Stick = Pitch/Yaw
  • Triangle, Cross = Up/Down
  • L2, R2 = Roll Left/Right
  • Hold L1 = Slower Camera Movement
  • Hold R1 = Faster Camera Movement
  • R3 = Bring Player to Camera + No-Clip Toggle



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