Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (Feb 25, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (Feb 25, 2005 prototype)
Build date Feb 25, 2005
Build name N/A
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date January 1, 2022
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels N/A
Game Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
System Game Boy Advance
Genre Action
Final build JP Oct 19, 2004
EU Apr 25, 2005
US Apr 18, 2006
Release date JP Nov 18, 2004
EU Jun 17, 2005
US Jun 6, 2006
Download Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure (Feb 25, 2005 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure for the Game Boy Advance.


  • Late localization prototype.
  • Europe build.
  • Debug build.

Debug Mode in Action Stages Info

By default, pausing the game on action stages will freeze the action without displaying a menu. Press the L trigger to bring up a Debug menu with the following options:

  • MAPMOVE displays the current area ID. You can warp to any other area in the game with this option, with some interesting results.
    • Maps 62 and 63 are the Rock Crushing and Catch Korin minigames, but their events won't trigger if accessed from this menu.
    • Map 84 is the Shadow Goku fight from Bosses on Parade. Beating him here will warp you to Stage 1.
    • Map 168 is the Small Fry Fight room... except it's more of a Big Shot War, a 10 minute-long encounter against every single minion in the game, including variations that are unused in any other stage. A few enemies with unusually high HP appear as minibosses between sections, backed up by respawning helpers until they're defeated -- a behavior that's also never seen anywhere else. Giran, who is likewise never fought outside of One-On-One mode, is the final boss for this battle. Why this genuinely fun challenge wasn't made available in the final build is anyone's guess.
  • OBJ RECT and FIELD RECT display hitboxes.
  • NO DAMAGE disables dying from damage, not the damage itself.
  • LOCK DISPLAY displays number of active enemies and the properties of locked enemy encounters.
  • MemoryDisp displays the game's memory usage.
  • PlayerData displays coordinates and the current action of the player character.
  • BarDisp disables all foreground and background graphics and displays a multicolored bar on the screen.
  • L BUTTON enables the ENEMY BIRTH function if turned off.
  • DebugPause switches the debug menu for the normal pause menu if turned off.
  • VIT controls your current HP.
    • Raising VIT after dying will cause Goku to stand back up, but he'll be unable to interact with enemies.
  • Raise the KI counter to fill the special gauge up.
  • NudeMap strips the level design of its graphics, revealing lewd blocky tiles for solid and platform objects underneath.
  • SELECT BUTTON toggles the Item List/Player Select menu.

If L BUTTON is turned off in the Debug menu, pressing L during stages will bring up the ENEMY BIRTH function, which allows you to place some items and enemies. Press A to place objects and hold R to bring up a menu that lets you switch between objects and change enemy properties. When you're done, press L again to turn the cursor off (B won't work despite the in-game instructions).

  • You can spawn powerups and upgrades, but the upgrades won't set the flags that make them permanent upon saving progress.
    • You can raise HP with the Super Life Water beyond the standard 1024 units, but the life bar's graphics will start glitching after its white level fills up. Collecting any healing items at this point will reset HP back to its 1024 cap.
    • Collecting the Super Ki Water when Roshi asks Goku to perform a Kamehameha for the first time will fulfill that task thanks to the powerup's animation and skip the next cutscene.
  • The rest of the available objects are enemies and bosses. The only adapted One-On-One mode characters that can be spawned are Krillin and Goku as featured in Story mode, even though at the very least Giran does have an AI coded as seen in Map 168.
    • ACT determines enemy behaviour and LV is how agressive they are. Results vary from enemy to enemy. COL determines their palette, but certain variables will crash the game.
    • You can spawn the rocks from the Rock Crushing minigame, but while you can collect the coins they drop for points, collecting the hourglass item will crash the game.
    • Spawning the boss versions of Goku and Krillin will pop them far below the camera for some reason. They'll jump up through the foreground if possible until they reach the player.

To enter FREE MOVE mode, quickly tap the L trigger a few times while L BUTTON is turned off in the Debug menu. It's rather finicky, but the player character will be stuck on their falling animation if it works, and you'll be able to fly them around the level. Press either L again or B to turn the mode off.

  • Moving the player character into walls with FREE MOVE and then enabling control will result in them dying by crushing.
  • With this feature it can be seen that the stone bridge early in Stage 1 has animated river graphics below it. The camera never moves down there in normal play.



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Special thanks to Frank Cifaldi at the Video Game History Foundation and the anonymous donor for this part of the lot! A huge thanks to ehw for researching this prototype!

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