Dreamcast SD Rip

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Dreamcast SD Rip is a program that can be used to dump Dreamcast games, including GD-R prototypes.


Dreamcast SD card adapter
  • A Dreamcast console.
  • A Dreamcast SD card adapter and SD card.
    • They can be purchased online.
  • A System Disc 2 (only needed for GD-Rs, not necessary for retail discs)
  • Dreamcast SD Rip v1.1, by jj1dom and selfbooted by atreyu187.
    • Burn it to a CD-R, e.g. with DiscJuggler (the demo version will suffice).


  1. Connect the SD adapter.
  2. Boot the Dreamcast SD Rip disc.
  3. After the menu shows, swap in the System Disc 2. This will unlock GD-R dumping (skip this step for retail discs).
  4. Swap in the disc you want to dump.
  5. Select GD-ROM <bin> all track.

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