EarthBound (Mar 27, 1995 prototype)

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Title Screen
EarthBound (Mar 27, 1995 prototype)
Build date Mar 27, 1995
Build name 3/27/1995
Dump status Released
Dumped by Stephan Reese
File release date May 30, 2020
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels EARTH BOUND 3/27/1995
Dump method SuperNT
Ownership Stephan Reese
Game EarthBound
System SNES
Genre Role-playing
Final build JP Jul 9, 1994
Release date JP Aug 27, 1994
US Jun 5, 1995
Download EarthBound (Mar 27, 1995 prototype) (info)
One of corrupted graphics located in Onett

A late localization prototype of EarthBound (also known as MOTHER 2 in Japan) for the SNES.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • The ROM's build date is specified in the ROM's header as well as written on the EPROMs themselves. The final Japanese version’s build date originates from the Boot debug menu that remains unchanged in the final US version. As such, the final US build date cannot be determined.
  • Note, the checksum specified in the ROM matches the output. Any graphical or sound related glitches are inherent to the prototype itself and are not caused by a bad dump. The dump itself was created using a SuperNT and has been verified multiple times.
  • A debug menu can be activated while holding down the L trigger while the game is booting up. Despite having debug enabled by default, the "banana" debug menu isn't included even though it can be hacked back in.
  • The final game's anti-piracy checks aren't implemented.
  • The "EARTH BOUND" text above the "WAR AGAINST GIYGAS!" screen is higher in the prototype in comparison to the final.
  • The title screen is different. The copyright information is written in the text used in the original Japanese release, while the final version uses its own font instead.
  • Some of the built-in names are different in the prototype since some of the prompts are still limited to five characters rather than the final's six. For instance, "Sparky" is "Spark" in the prototype.
  • The prototype still says "TO BE CONTINUED..." in the end credits just like in the original Japanese version. In the final, it says "The End...?" instead.
  • Auto-genders have not been implemented yet.
  • Pauses in dialog text doesn't seem to be implemented yet.
  • Additional gamepad checks were added to the final version's code that does not exist in this prototype. This was most likely done to hastly fix certain bugs.
  • Ness' nude sprites are still used in this prototype.
  • The "cold" and "crying" status ailment icons are still the ones used in the original Japanese version.
  • The Saturn font lacks spaces.
  • Position agnostic quotes are used instead of open/closed quotes like in the final.
  • Certain items (like "Multi bottle rocket" and "Pair of dirty socks") use an actual space in the prototype. For the final, a special character is used to represent a space with one less pixel in width to make the item name fit better.
  • Most of the graphics in this prototype are still using the versions seen in the original Japanese release.
  • There is some graphic corruption in various parts of the overworld for some reason.
  • The down walking Ness sprite when he's wearing pajamas is corrupt in the prototype for some reason. His hair was also touched up.
Eb proto vs final - ness pajamas.png
  • The ATM machine in Saturn Valley still has "CD" (for "cash dispenser") written on the top. This would be replaced with eyes for the final US version.
Eb proto vs final - cd.png
  • The nurse's headpiece still has the red cross from the Japanese version. This would be changed for the final US verison.
Eb proto vs final - nurse headpiece.png
  • Different sprite (NPC?).
Eb proto vs final - npc 1.png
  • Everdred is corrupt in the prototype.
Eb proto vs final - everdred.png
  • The art used for the Iron Pencil and Eraser Eraser are different.
Eb protos vs final - iron pencil.png
Eb proto vs final - eraser eraser.png
  • The map for SCARABA has the name "SCARABI" in the prototype instead.
Eb proto vs final - scarabi.png
  • Localization Changes (nongrammatical):
    • Characters:
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final
"Tarah Rama"
"Talah Rama"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

    • Enemies:
"Police Chief Strong"
"Captain Strong"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

    • Items:
"Smart food lunch"
"Brain food lunch"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

    • Dialog:
"Don't raise your voice with me!"
"Don't talk too loud!"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"Let's together watch the sunset over Deep Darkness from here."
"Let's watch the sunset over Deep Darkness together from here."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"Then, you should be able to solve the mystery someday."
"Then, you should be able to solve the mystery somehow."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"To Threed, it's going to cost $[1C 0A 00 00 00 00]. (for the lot of you)"
"To Threed, it's going to cost $[1C 0A 00 00 00 00]."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"It is going to cost $[1C 0A 00 00 00 00] for the lot of you."
"It is going to cost $[1C 0A 00 00 00 00]"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"(You must use the Mountain Cabin Key to open this.)"
"(You must use the [1C 05 AB] to open this.)"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"I'm a good driver. C'mon, let me drive."
"I'm a good driver. C'mon, I'll show you."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"I'm sure this ol' hunk o' junk will get us there..."
"I'm sure our ol' hunk o' junk will get us there..."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"Okay, guys here we go!"
"Okay, guys, here we go!"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"but I'm sure you can light up the place with your own little brand of sunlight..."
"but I'm sure you can light up the place with your own little brand of sunshine..."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

"What could be the fate of [1C 02 01] and his friends?"
"What could be the fate of [1C 02 01] and his friend?"
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final

""It looke like [1C 02 00] can't carry any more stuff.
"It looks like [1C 02 00] can't carry any more stuff."
Prototype (Mar 27, 1995) Final




File Type Date Size SHA-1
EarthBound (Mar 27, 1995 prototype).sfc File 2020-05-03 3 MB 0686c4d339657489890e43fd39797c893cb992e9



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