Getsu Fuuma Den (prototype)

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Title Screen
Getsu Fuuma Den (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Kevtris
Released by Ballz
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels KONAMI RC819 月風魔伝 SAMPLE
Ownership Ballz (2003-2006), Blitzwing (2006-present)
Game Getsu Fuuma Den
System NES
Genre Action-Adventure
Release date JP July 7, 1987
Download Getsu Fuuma Den (prototype) (info)

A Japanese "SAMPLE" of the Konami game "Getsu Fuuma Den" (The Legend of Fuma)


  • Music for the opening crawl is different
  • Overworld map has numerous changes, allowing for more non-linear exploration
  • You start the game with half health; damage from enemies also appears to be more significant and healing not as effective
  • Several enemy graphics have different color schemes compared to final
  • A skull enemy has a minor graphic change. It's unclear if it's a bug, corruption from the rom dump, or intentional by the programmers
  • Hit collision in mid-jump causing you to drop straight below, creating a new hazard when jumping over holes
  • The money bonus minigame in the first dungeon is missing
  • Enemy/item placement in the dungeons are slightly different
  • Encountered game crashes in the first dungeon seemingly at random, may be indicative of the game's WIP nature


The game's intro sequence, featuring different music.




Thanks to blitzwing and the other Lost Levels peeps who pulled their money together to win this cartridge in a Yahoo Japan auction, circa 2003. Thanks also to Kevtris for dumping the game. Sorry it took so long to actually release it.