Gex (Alpha prototype)

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Title Screen
Gex (Alpha prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by GexGaming
Released by GexGaming
File release date December 22, 2020
Origin CD-ROM
Ownership MNEMO (2011), GexGaming (2020)
Game Gex
System 3DO
Genre Platformer
Release date JP Jul 14, 1995
US April 1995
EU 1995
Download Gex (Alpha prototype) (info)
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This is an early alpha prototype of Gex for the 3DO. It was originally included in a Russian compilation disc named 3DO Gamepack #1, made by MNEMO back in 2011. That prototype simply named GEX ALPHA. While, it lacks a build date, copyright strings in the game's file indicate it was developed around some time in 1994. It's unknown if it was an simply a demo or how it was distributed in the first place. However, GexGaming would later release and dump the ISO, 9 years later with permission of original owner, MNEMO.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Music and sound is absent from this build.
  • Title cards for both levels and maps haven't been implemented yet.
  • Debug mode is enabled by default, and it works almost the same as in the final.
  • There's a cut Dragonfly power-up which is absent in the final
  • The Results Screen, Options Screen and Title Screen is completely different from the final build.
  • The Options menu shares the same text as the HUD display which is different in the final
  • The Pause screen doesn't pause the game, but opens an menu called the Gex-Ray. While, they are selectable, they don't do anything. This is ultimately cut from all versions of the games after this build.
  • The most of the boss battles are incomplete and lack most of their functionality.
  • The Cemetery remote sprite is the only remote present in this build.
  • Planet X levels and the Bonus levels haven't been implemented into this build.
  • Upon breaking the Power-UPs ball, a bug will appear and Gex would have to eat them to attain a powerup in a similar fashion to its sequels. This concept was cut from all versions of the game.




Thank you, GexGaming for releasing and dumping this alpha build. Also, thanks for MNEMO for being able to distribute the build for perservation purposes.

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