Global Gladiators (Sep 27, 1993 prototype)

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Title Screen
Global Gladiators (Sep 27, 1993 prototype)
Build date Sep 27, 1993 16:49:36
Build name NES2709
Dump status Released
Dumped by steem69
Released by steem69
Origin ROM
Lot Climax lot
Ownership Unknown (1994-2016), steem69 (2016-present)
Game Global Gladiators
System Game Boy
Genre Platformer
Release date Unreleased
Download Global Gladiators (Sep 27, 1993 prototype) (info)

The last available build of the unreleased Game Boy port of Global Gladiators.


  • The ROM fails the global checksum.
  • The cartridge/MBC byte is not defined near the cart header entry at 0x147.
  • The file size/header size fails for some reason.
  • Because of the above errors, this ROM doesn't work in most emulators. This ROM will work in no$gmb, however.
  • A fixed version of this ROM that can play in modern emulators can be downloaded here. Credit goes to B00daW for submitting these.