Gunpey (Sep 1, 2006 prototype)

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Title Screen
Gunpey (Sep 1, 2006 prototype)
Build date Sep 1, 2006
Build name Gunpey TESS 015130 Test Sample ULUX-80236 1.00 Namco Bandai
Dump status Released
Dumped by lasscat
Released by ObscureGamers
File release date February 10, 2023
Origin UMD
Labels ULUX-80236
Ownership ? (?-2023), lasscat (2023-Present)
Game Gunpey
System PlayStation Portable
Genre Puzzle
Final build US Sep 13, 2006
JP Nov 5, 2006
EU Dec 5, 2006
Release date US Nov 14, 2006
JP Jan 11, 2007
EU Mar 30, 2007
Download Gunpey (Sep 1, 2006 prototype) (info)
Download Gunpey (Sep 1, 2006 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Gunpey for the PlayStation Portable.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Very late prototype; compiled 12 days before retail
  • Quest Beat logo displayed before title; in the retail releases, this only happens in the Japanese version
  • Graphical differences in the title screen, save/load messages, and in the skin The Elemental Glaucus