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Screenshots must NOT be:

  • uploaded as JPEGs
  • uploaded with watermarks
  • wrong resolution

Here's a guide of how to take screenshots accurately.

Here's an example of a bad screenshot. Spot which rules are broken! ABadScreenshot.jpg


Screenshots MUST be 256×240, regardless of region. Many emulators by default incorrectly display the NES as 256×224 on NTSC, but this is NOT the native resolution of the NES in NTSC! Also some emulators use a incorrect color palette by default, so we'll fix that:

  • Nestopia: Change Palette to YUV in Options > Video... and press Alt+E to save a screenshot on the Nestopia installation directory in a folder called screenshots.
  • FCEUX: Go to Config > Palette..., enable Use Custom Palette, click Load Palette..., go to the FCEUX installation directory, enter the palettes folder, select nestopia_yuv.pal, go to Config > Video... and in Drawing Area change NTSC to 0 and 239, respectively. Now press F12 to save a screenshot in the FCEUX installation directory in a folder called snaps.

VS System

There is an arcade version of the NES/Famicom called the VS System, but every machine uses its own palette. FCEUX must NOT be used to take screenshots of VS System games, since its built-in palettes are very outdated and do not match the real colors. Nestopia, on the other hand, uses accurate color emulation and should be used for screenshots of VS System games.

SNES/Super Famicom

Screenshots are most of the time 256×224, but they may also be 256×239, 512×224, 512×239, 512×448 or 512×478.

  • Snes9X: Screenshots are always taken with the proper resolution. Just press F12 to take a screenshot on the Snes9X installation directory in a folder called Screenshots.

ZSNES should not be used because the last line on the bottom is always cut off.

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis, Mega-CD/SEGA CD, 32X

Screenshots are most of the time 320×224, but they may also be 256×224. PAL games can also use 256×240 or 320×240.

  • KEGA Fusion: Enable Brighten in Video, change File Format to BMP unc and Output Stage to Raw in Options > Set Config... > Extras and press Shift+F12 to take a screenshot on the KEGA Fusion installation directory.
    • Note that KEGA Fusion always creates a 240-pixel tall image, so crop 8 pixels on the top and the bottom of the image if unused.
    • Note that the screenshots are BMP files, which must be converted to PNG before being uploaded here.
  • Gens/GS: Change Color Scale to Full in Graphics > Color Adjust..., disable Show SegaCD LEDs in Options > General Options... and press Shift+Backspace to take a screenshot in the Gens/GS installation directory. (Gens/GS II always takes screenshots with the proper brightness)

Interlaced mode

There is an interlaced video mode in the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis that doubles the vertical resolution from 224 pixels to 448 pixels (PAL games can also double the vertical resolution from 240 pixels to 480 pixels), but every emulator has its way of handling the interlaced video mode. KEGA Fusion takes screenshots of games using the interlaced video mode with 480 pixels, and Gens/GS takes screenshots with 224 or 240 pixels. When taking screenshots with KEGA Fusion, instead of cropping 8 pixels on the top and the bottom, crop 16 pixels.