Juiced (Jul 13, 2004 Acclaim Prototype)

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Juiced (Jul 13, 2004 Acclaim Prototype)
Build date Jul 13, 2004
Dump status Released
Dumped by Pagus
Released by SKY
Origin Unknown
Game Juiced
System Xbox
Genre Racing
Release date Unreleased
Download Juiced (Jul 13, 2004 Acclaim Prototype) (info)

A late PAL prototype of the unreleased Acclaim version of Juiced for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • This build is very polished, including full localization (including voice acting) in Italian, French, Spanish and German
  • It's been proven that you can progress through the game career up to 17%, apparently after that there are no more events. More investigation needed.
  • Under the "audio/cars" directory there are files for cars not present in the game like the Ford Fiesta and some Cosworth model.
  • The origin of this build is unknown, and is almost one month earlier than the confidential discs build that are proven to exist , which build date is 11/08/2004 (Aug 11, 2004).
  • Apparently on this build the debug menu is disabled/not present.


==================================== Juiced ====================================
     Cracker .......: Pagus                RLS Date ......: 08/24/2004
     Supplier ......: Pagus                Game Genre ....: Racing
     Packager ......: SKY                  Image Format ..: ISO
     Source ........: [ ] CD [X] DVD       Origin ........: PAL
     File Name .....: sky-juic.r*          CD Files ......: 30 x 50MB
     Platform ......: XBOX                 Ripped ........: Nothing :)
=======================  G A M E   I N F O R M A T I O N  ======================
     Suped up, modded, Juiced...It's time to modify your speed demon and 
     take it on a relentless joyride through city streets! Juiced features 
     50 licensed cars and countless customizable combinations with aftermarket 
     parts from A'PEXi, HKS, Konig, AEM, Bridgestone, Alpine and Ferodo. Build 
     up your car and racer in non-linear gameplay that allows you to race around 
     the world winning cash and fame. Building your team-based racing crew you 
     will race together against fierce competitors, edging them out of the 
     stakes and taking their "pink slips." Juiced is the perfect virtual ride 
     for modding enthusiasts and racing fans blessed with a wicked streak.