Kung Fu Chaos (May 15, 2002 prototype)

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Title Screen
Kung Fu Chaos (May 15, 2002 prototype)
Build date May 15, 2002 18:56:50
Dump status Released
Dumped by cyo.the.vile
Released by cyo.the.vile
File release date November 5, 2021
Origin XDK Hard Drive
Game Kung Fu Chaos
System Xbox
Genre Party
Final build EU Jan 28, 2003
US Jan 28, 2003
Release date EU Apr 11, 2003
US Feb 24, 2003
JP May 29, 2003
Download Kung Fu Chaos (May 15, 2002 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Kung Fu Chaos for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • Appears to only run on a Xbox with 128MB of memory or on XEMU.
  • Dated eight months before the first available final build.
  • This is a demo that was built for E3 2002.
  • The save icon is a placeholder.
  • The Rating Pending logo appears when the game boots.
  • The Just Add Monsters logo does not have "part of Argonaut Games PLC Group" at the bottom.
  • Different title screen.
  • The main menu is stylized differently.
  • Most of the game modes are locked, the only playable modes are Battle Game and Ninja Challenge.
  • The character select has a different design.
  • The only unlocked battles are: Gigantic Crack, Big Trouble on Little Iceberg, Enter The Dino, and Fish of Fury.
  • The only battle options that are able to be customized are First to Win and Combat Rule.
  • Time remaining is not displayed for some reason.
  • If you want to play another game mode, you have to reboot the build.
  • The opening FMV for Ninja Challenge is not present, so a placeholder textbox is displayed instead.
  • The only unlocked Ninja Challenges are: Gigantic Crack, Seal of Destiny, Big Trouble on Little Iceberg, Enter The Dino, Climbing Fish, Jumping Turtle, and Fish of Fury.
  • The Get Ready text for Climbing Fish, Jumping Turtle is different.
  • The progress bar for Ninja Challenges is stylized differently.


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