Kung Fu Panda (Dec 7, 2007 prototype)

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Kung Fu Panda (Dec 7, 2007 prototype)
Build date Dec 7, 2007 20:06:24
Dump status Released
Origin Used as padding inside the retail PS2 Sweeden release (DATA2.DAT\DUMMY.DAT).
Game Kung Fu Panda
System Nintendo Wii
Genre Action-adventure
Release date EU Jun 27, 2008
US June 3, 2008
Download Kung Fu Panda (Dec 7, 2007 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Kung Fu Panda for the Nintendo Wii.


  • This build has a debug menu that can be accessed by pressing the Z button on a GameCube controller.


KungFuPandaDec7 1.png KungFuPandaDec7 2.png KungFuPandaDec7 3.png KungFuPandaDec7 4.png KungFuPandaDec7 5.png