Macross VF-X2, Patlabor - The Game (Demo Disc)

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Title Screen
Macross VF-X2, Patlabor - The Game (Demo Disc)
Dump status Released
Dumped by fuzzball
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Origin CD-ROM
Game Macross VF-X2, Patlabor - The Game
System PlayStation
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A multi-game demo disc included with copies of "Macross - The Super Dimension Fortress - Do You Remember Love."

As mentioned in the "Patlabor - The Game Taikeban 1.0" article, Patlabor - The Game would ultimately never be fully released. As such, documentation here will mostly be about the demo for this.

Redump info;


  • This Demo is labeled "Taikenban 2.00"
  • The scenario is very different from 1.0
  • Many HUD graphics are different, options are missing, etc.
  • The demo end notes plans for a 1999 release.