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What is this stream?

I will be streaming myself dumping a few dozen prototypes we purchased in a group buy recently.

At the same time, I'm also streaming a late prototype of Flashback which we got in the same batch.

What was the group buy?

During the week of 2/17-2/13, we conducted a group buy of a number of prototypes. You can check out the spreadsheet of the prototypes.

Can I view the spreadsheet on stream?

Yes, here you go

When will the prototypes be released?

We plan to release most of them as soon as we can, over the coming weeks.

What are the known differences in the Flashback prototype so far?

  • There is an annoying "Gun out" SFX when you draw your weapon
  • There is an ad for Coke that was removed in the final:
Flashback Coke.png