Metal Gear Solid (Apr 27, 1998 Pilot Disc)

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Title Screen
Metal Gear Solid (Apr 27, 1998 Pilot Disc)
Build date Apr 27, 1998 10:49:58
Dump status Released
Origin Pressed Disc
Game Metal Gear Solid
System PlayStation
Genre Action
Final build JP Jul 24, 1998
EU Oct 21, 1998
US Sep 9, 1998
Release date JP Sep 3, 1998
US Oct 21, 1998
EU Feb 22, 1999
Download Metal Gear Solid (Apr 27, 1998 Pilot Disc) (info)
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An officially released prototype demo of Metal Gear Solid for the Sony PlayStation.



  • A different font is used in the title screen.
  • Codec icons now appear faster, with the arrows pointing up and down instead of left and right.
  • Konami jingle sounds a bit different.
  • The introductory cutscene plays without background music.
  • First-person view (FPV) zoom initiates from an extended distance.
  • Noticeable differences exist in the puddle and water textures within the Dock area.
  • Alterations are apparent in the walking sound and running animation of the genome soldiers.
  • The drum components of the encounter theme are different.
  • The process of a guard spawning becomes noticable as the elevator descends, accompanied by a distinct elevator sound. Additionally, the alarm light is slightly brighter, the elevator textures take on a bluish hue, and the alarm sound exhibits a delayed onset.
  • When trying to picking up an item, instead of the conventional red, a white font is displayed when an item reaches full capacity.
  • The occurrence of an error sound when attempting to use a ration at full capacity is not present.
  • Music no longer diminishes in volume upon entering the elevator.
  • The elevator cutscene music is completely different.
  • During a cutscene, the player is still allowed to pause the game.
  • The sound of the chaff grenade detonation is different, now fading gradually after the explosion rather than playing until the jamming effect subsides.
  • Stun grenades are labeled as "Stan" within the inventory.
  • Running guards are now immune to damage of the SOCOM.
  • Picking up a grenade while having no item equipped won't show the grenade after equipping them.
  • While the guard is examining Snake while he's in a box, the player won't be able to unequip the box unless the guard spots you.
  • After opening the inventory, the camera still follows Snake for a few frames instead of stopping immediately.


MGS-Pilot-Disk-Title-Screen.png MGS-Pilot-Disk-Codec.png MGS-Pilot-Codec-Stan-Grenade.png MGS-Pilot-Codec-Final-Screen.png

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