Monopoly Streets (Jul 7, 2010 prototype)

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Title Screen
Monopoly Streets (Jul 7, 2010 prototype)
Build date Jul 7, 2010 08:14:53
Dump status Released
Released by ObscureGamers
File release date December 25, 2020
Origin XBOX 360 Development Kit
Lot Terarelease 1.0 (2020)
Game Monopoly Streets
System Xbox 360
Genre Board Game, Strategy
Final build EU Oct 13, 2010
US Oct 13, 2010
Release date EU Nov 4, 2010
US Oct 26, 2010
Download Monopoly Streets (Jul 7, 2010 prototype) (info)

A prototype of Monopoly Streets for the Xbox 360.


  • Built three months before the first available final build.
  • The tools folder contains a rather large amount of leftover development tools.
  • Contains a pdb and linker map for each executable.
  • Hp_unity_r.xex appears to work the best.
  • The EA logo FMV is a placeholder.
  • Monopoly Streets logo is missing from the legal screen.
  • Title screen is missing parts of the copyright text as well as the text that appears above the Monopoly logo.
  • Pressing both triggers at the same time opens a debug console.
  • Pressing both thumbsticks at the same time enables a free camera.



Special thanks to DRW, Kabojnk, Mementomori, TheNameless0ne, Jason, burninrubber0, Xe, Andrew7, March42, EdTheNerd, Foas, Riley541, j4m13c0, Fusion, Dink, and Aqua for these releases.

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This release is part of the 'Terarelease 1.0' event that occurred on December 25th, 2020.