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Dump status Released
Dumped by Tom Hulett
Released by Unseen64
Origin ROM
Ownership Tom Hulett (Present)
Game Mythri
System Game Boy Color
Genre Role Playing
Release date Unreleased
Download Mythri (info)
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A collection of art, music, and prototype builds of the canceled Mythri for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.



  • ART - Various art assets from GBC development
  • CHARACTER ART - original key art of several characters
  • PROMO ART - Several cool sketches, including some SD skits planned for our website
  • SKETCHES - Concept sketches for spell effects, along with the end result
  • BUILDS - Game ROMs you can play
  • - our publisher demo, vertical slice
  • For some reason this will only play on the no$gmb emulator, which doesn’t work on recent versions of Windows. We can’t seem to figure out why (the cartridge I have still plays on any GBC or GBA, so this is odd) (Fixed: You can find a fixed build of the GBC version running on all hardwares and emulators File:Mythri (Unl) (Wabbajack Modern Emulators Fix 1.0).zip)
  • If you get it running, you can press “B” on the title screen to cycle through the entire soundtrack - proving it works on-device!
  • Mythri.gba - our GBA demo
  • BATTLE BACKGROUNDS - Our in-game art for the backgrounds shown in battle mode, one for each environment.
  • CHARACTER SPRITES - different collections of our in game sprites for map scenes.
  • BATTLE ANIMS - Sprite sheets for our characters in battle mode
  • HOW TO - Demonstration of our technique to get 6 colors instead of 3 onto GBC sprites: we cheated. Every character was actually 2 different sprites set on top of each other: One for black, white, and skintone, the other for character-specific colors.
  • Originally we’d wanted to have the full party walk in a line, but the GBC can only display 10 sprites on a horizontal line. Meaning with our trick, only 1 character could appear next to the full party, making towns impossible. That’s how we settled on only displaying the lead character alone.
  • MANGA STILLS - Our huge detailed story illustrations. Includes Full screen, half screen, and dialogue portrait. This is pretty much all of them covering the whole game.
  • These are all based on drawings by Carolyn Carter and colored pixel-by-pixel by a variety of people, including Steve Robinson who did most of that insane sunset.
  • MAPS - A variety of area maps (unfortunately we only made full-area images of this handful of sections. The rest only exist as editor files)
  • SCREENSHOTS - The screenshots we gave to publishers along with our demo
  • A sampling of music. You can actually hear the full soundtrack here: or here:
  • xtra GBA VERSION
  • Includes new key art, GBA demo screenshots, and graphic comparisons with original version. Also includes a press release.
  • SKETCHES - various sketches created for GBA version, drawn by Carolyn Carter, Carsten Bradley, and Hethe Srodawa