News/Dreamcast Month Part 3 - Tony Hawk & Stunt GP

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Vf2 oct 8 2000 dc proto screenshot0.png
Mdk2 mar 5 2000 dc proto screenshot1.png
Demul 2015-05-27 13-56-46-157.png
Stunt gp jan 19 2000 proto screenshot0.png
Demul 2015-05-24 18-58-01-267.png
Wwf royal rumble may 17 2000 dc proto screenshot0.png

Fighting Vipers 2 (Oct 8, 2000 prototype)
MDK2 (Mar 5, 2000 prototype)
Resident Evil 2 (Feb 22, 2000 prototype)
Stunt GP (Jan 19, 2000 prototype)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Sep 25, 2000 prototype)
WWF Royal Rumble (May 17, 2000 prototype)

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Continuing with Dreamcast Month we have a few more prototypes to share with you today!

First we have a late prototype of the Dreamcast port of Fighting Vipers 2 that predates the final Japanese build by a few days. Next we have a late prototype of MDK2 that also predates the final by a few days as well. We also have a US localization prototype of the Dreamcast port of Resident Evil 2 that seems to only contain code changes.

We have a couple more prototypes with more interesting differences, however. We have an incredibly early prototype of Stunt GP that predates the final by almost a full year. We have a late preview prototype of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and a debug enabled E3 build of WWF Royal Rumble too!

Stay tuned for next week for the conclusion of Dreamcast Month.

Until next time!