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MD 0491 Ecco II - The Tides of Time Title.pngMD 0491 Ecco II - The Tides of Time 0.png  

A new build of Ecco II. In the words of Epicenter, the resident Ecco expert: this Ecco II build unofficially designated "0429" (from its filename) comes close on the heels of the previously-released "X11" prototype. Though not much time passed between these builds, the game has seen substantial advancement, rounding out of 'sketch' stages, improved stage architecture, object code, and many bugs and odd holes have been patched. However, this build brings with it some strange new elements, including 2 odd 'easter egg' stages. 0429 is a key part of the Ecco II development timeline and helps connect the "Playable Preview", "X11" and forthcoming builds. 

Grab the release on its page. Additionally, Epicenter wrote up another excellent analysis of the proto which you can read here on his website. Kudos to him! 

Stay tuned, I've got some nice releases lined up for the coming days.