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Bakuryu (Nov 27, 1999 prototype)
Bubsy 3D (Mar 13, 1997 prototype)
Cardinal Syn (Feb 27, 1998 prototype)
Dancing Stage EuroMIX (Sep 1, 2000 prototype)
Dead or Alive (Apr 22, 1998 prototype)
Dead or Alive (Jan 10, 1998 prototype)
Dynasty Warriors (Jul 15, 1997 prototype)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Dec 20, 1999 prototype)
Killing Time (Apr 28, 1997 prototype)
Little Big Adventure (Jan 27, 1997 prototype)
Spice World (Apr 28, 1998 prototype)
Syphon Filter 2 (Dec 23, 1999 prototype)
Syphon Filter 2 (Jan 27, 2000 prototype)
Tombi! (Feb 3, 1998 prototype)
Vib-Ribbon (May 30, 2000 prototype)
Xena: Warrior Princess (Aug 10, 1999 prototype)
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Welcome back, everyone! Today we'd like to share with you the PlayStation prototypes that were acquired during our community group buy that was held back in February this year. As a reminder, this lot covers prototypes for various systems such as the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (which we released last week), the original Xbox, and much more. Again, this is just a fraction of what we were able to acquire through the help of our very own community! Since February, we were able to acquire a few more prototypes from the same lot as well. Each prototype (except for Cardinal Syn) was dumped with DiscImageCreator and various Plextor drives for Redump submission. The list above includes only the items that were confirmed to be prototypes. Anything that was a perfect match for the final was added to the list that you can check out on this page.

There are a few standout items in this part of the lot. The highlight of the lot is a prototype of the canceled, unreleased PlayStation port of Killing Time! Acclaim acquired the rights to three of Studio 3DO's games so that they could port to various consoles. Even though a tentative release date was announced in Electronic Gaming Monthly, this was the only game acquired by Acclaim that never saw a release on any other console aside from the 3DO and personal computers. Be sure to check it out!


We also have a nice localization prototype of Tomba that predates the final US version. We have two prototypes of Syphon Filter 2, however the first disc of the earliest one is missing. A nice prototype of Dead or Alive that predates the final Japanese release by a month which contains some noticable differences. And a PAL prototype of one of the best games ever made, Bubsy 3D!

We'd like to thank all those who donated for all the prototypes featured in this lot. We'd like to thank b-damandude, baruk0, Cliff Racer, DarthDub, Demon, DRW, burninrubber0, ehw, Fred Wood, HorrorTroll, kabojnk, KailoKyra, Kneesap, kuriatsu, LedInfrared, mementomori,, Sazpaimon, StarlightChaos, The Swarming Dark, TheAdmiester, TiKAL, TONY9675, XJR9000, mlk, ZeaLiTy, and Zoda-Y13. Without your help we would have never been able to acquire and preserve so many prototypes.

Stay tuned for some more treats very soon!

Until next time!