News/Holiday 2019 (Day 3) - N64 Goodies

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GT 64 - Championship Edition (May 25, 1998 prototype).2019-12-27 15.10.17.png
Robotech - Crystal Dreams (Prototype).2019-12-22 12.30.56.png

Robotech: Crystal Dreams (Prototype)
GT 64: Championship Edition (May 25, 1998 prototype)
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It's that time again! Today we have two N64 prototypes to share with you. :)

First we have an earlier prototype Robotech: Crystal Dreams generously donated to us by nz136x (who helped dump the cart along with Skaman) and Ethan Campbell, the source of the cart. The cart was acquired by Ethan's grandfather who was able to repossess some of GameTek's assets when they filed for bankruptcy. This game was originally meant to be released in 1996 but was constantly delayed until GameTek filed for bankruptcy in 1997. The game was still being marketed in 1998 in hopes of finding a publisher to fund the rest of the project, and even had a working demo that was shown at E3 that same year. However, the game was eventually canceled for good only a few days after the game made its debut at the show. A later prototype was discovered as a ROM file around the time of the game's development, and is assumed to be the same build that was present at the show. This prototype is the first time a prototype sourced from a developer cartridge has been dumped, and is a very early prototype in comparison to the one that has been released.

Next we have a late prototype of GT 64: Championship Edition which was also donated to us by Baker64. There were some difficulties in dumping this prototype as neither a Game Shark 3.3 or a 64drive with UltraSave was able to dump it consistently. However, consistent dumps were eventually made using a Bung Doctor V64jr.

That's all for now. Until next time, see you tomorrow!