News/Holiday 2019 (Day 6) - Putty Squad and Mega Drive Treats

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Putty Squad (Early prototype).2019-12-24 14.35.17.png
Dune II - The Battle for Arrakis (Jan 11, 1994 prototype).2019-12-30 18.41.27.png
Champions World Class Soccer (Mar 18, 1994 prototype).2019-12-30 18.52.10.png
Radical Rex (Prototype).2019-12-30 18.33.19.png
Street Racer (Mar 21, 1995 prototype).2019-12-30 18.54.11.png

Putty Squad (Early prototype)
Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (Jan 11, 1994 prototype)
Champions World Class Soccer (Mar 18, 1994 prototype)
Radical Rex (Prototype)
Street Racer (Mar 21, 1995 prototype)
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Hello once again. We're back with even more goodies for the Sega Mega Drive, straight from the big man himself.

First up, we have an extremely early prototype of the canceled port of the game Putty Squad, which was originally in development for the Amiga 1200 but only came out on the SNES in the end during its time. Next we have a late prototype of Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis straight from a bunch of unmarked EPROMs. Next we have a nice prototype of Champions World Class Soccer that contains many differences in comparison to the final build. We also have a somewhat late prototype of Radical Rex for the Mega Drive as well, containing mostly code differences. Finally, we have a build of Street Racer for the Mega Drive that matches the final build but with an altered/watermarked header.

Stay tuned for tomorrow for some more goodies! Until next time, see ya!